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What people say?

VeinCare Training has built an enviable reputation for providing superbly designed and presented Accredited
Training Courses in the field of professional Sclerotherapy and Vein Care.

Dr P C, Private Practice, Wiltshire

“We were most impressed with the course content, the pre-course literature and management on the day. It was so refreshing to learn Microsclerotherapy in a friendly, supportive environment – the lectures were well prepared and delivered professionally with ample time allocated for questions and discussion. We would wholeheartedly recommend the course to anyone who is hoping to start or to learn more about Microsclerotherapy – the course is useful for novices and experienced microsclerotherapy practitioners alike.”

Dr P F, Private Practice, Edinburgh

“I can honestly say it was the most professionally presented course I have been on. The presentation and course materials were comprehensive and demonstrated an attention to detail. The practical training and provision of sufficient willing models gave me confidence that I could provide a quality service to my own patients.”

Dr R R, Private Practice, Birmingham

I thought the course was excellent! Not only were the lectures very informative, we had ample opportunity to practice the injection techniques.

H S,Surgeon, Essex

“It is a thorough, knowledgeable and fascinating course that very few centres can conduct in such high standards.”