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Volunteers for free treatment

Veincare Training is the UK’s premier trainer for doctors, nurses and dentists wishing to treat leg veins.  For the practical assessment volunteers meeting our criteria, receive treatment from our trainees under close, expert supervision.

‘Models’ will receive assessment, treatment and follow up review.  Since the treatment will be undertaken by novices and the focus will be on teaching and supervising the delegates, there will be no charge.  You will be required to attend an assessment prior to the day to ensure you are suitable for treatment and give you all the information you require, you will also be offered a follow up appointment to address any questions you may have and ensure the treated area is making good progress.

Our training days are held once a month on a Saturday or Sunday and models will probably be with us for about 2 hours. If further treatment is required, models can choose to volunteer again, or pay for a private treatment at The London Vein Clinic.

Assessment and review appointments will be on a Wednesday or Thursday at your convenience.

Information about the treatment
Consent to treatment

If you would like to book an assessment please call Kris Wilkinson or Emma Davies on 01749 836322